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Natures Miracle

Chios Mastic is the natural resin that comes out of the trunk and the branches of the mastic trees that are called “skinos”, with scientifically proven, unique beneficial and healing idioms. This excretion is caused by the scoring of the skinos by a sharp tool. Mastiha appears as a tear in the engraved spots and flows in drops into the soil. Its crystalline form makes it look like a rough diamond of nature that has a special aroma that gives it uniqueness.



Nectar of Gods

In Mesta the very well known "Ariousios Oinos" is produced, which, according to Greek mythology was proper for the gods. The wine of Mesta is mentioned in the French Winology as "vin de Mesta". Those who want to taste this famous kind of wine can ask for it in the taverns and restaurants of the village and Limenas


Another alcoholic drink that is produced in Mesta is souma. It is a kind of ouzo produced through distillation of figs. Souma is a very strong drink, it is pure though since it is made through a traditional way and does not contain preservatives. It is served with a variety of dried nuts and titbits. You can get it from the producers themselves.


Kourmades are also very famous in Mesta. They are olives which ripen on the tree because of a particular kind of fungus which thrives in the area. They can be eaten without any further elaboration.

Traditional Sweets

During your stay at Mesta, you will be offered traditional sugary delights such us "spoon sweets", "submarines" (an icredibly sweet concotion submerged in ice cold water), "loukoumadedes" (donuts), chios honey, citrus marmelades, preserved fruits and sticky desserts galore, some or all flavored with mastic.



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